• Prayer Focus

Please pray that the Chinns will realize their goal to 26 new units comprising 5 teams to 5 people groups across Africa. Specifically - the Kagoro in Mali; the Wassulu in Guinea; the Makua in Mozambique; the Akyode in Ghana; and the victims of child slavery in Ghana.

Having God's heart for the nations is the passion that has driven our own Missionaries Lloyd and Jan Chinn, for the past 12 years. The Chinn's began exercising their passion and taking hope to the world, by becoming full-time missionaries with WorldVenture, serving in the Nkwanta a District of Ghana, West Africa. They've learned the language, learned the culture, and developed relationships, for the purpose of equipping indigenous leaders, for the work of the ministry, who will in turn equip others for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:12). Because of their humble and faithful service, our faithful God has significantly enlarged their territory.

Lloyd and Jan  serve as the International Ministries Director (IMD) for Africa. Their responsibility is in three areas: strategic planning, leadership development and organizational leadership. As IMD, some of what they are responsible for are providing pastoral care, leadership and supervision for internatinal workers in Africa; assuring that WorldVenture personnel in Africa are being cared for and challenged toward ongoing personal and professional development; addressing personnel and field crisis in Africa; and calling and leading international workers in Africa to spiritual, relational and organizational health. They also have the responsibility for recruiting needed workers and identifying new fields of service.

Currently, they serve 94 units which comprises about 189 people in 11 different countries including: Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique and Mali. It is the Chinns sincere desire to see international workers across Africa spiritually empowered, unleashed to sour in their respective ministries and to facilitate the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ across the continent of Africa.


So Good Hope, taking hope to the world is now more real than ever! As the Chinn's ministry impact has expanded exponentially, we must grow in our support of them. The Chinn's are apart of the Family of Hope and the Family of Hope are a part of the Chinn's.


West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS) serves one of the fastest-growing segments of the Christian Church in the world, and it focuses squarely on the two greatest needs of the African Church ... leadership development and discipleship of believers.

We offer two BA programs, five Masters' programs, a Doctor of Ministry program.

And, as our statement of vision notes, we have a very focused purpose, that: "The Kingdom of God will have come to all people groups, resulting in their being redeemed, reconciled, and complete through Jesus Christ, the Son of God."

In the Heart of Africa... Rising up to meet Africa's greatest need ... Leadership Training


The purpose of the Bread of Hope Ministry at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church is to provide individuals and families in need on a monthly basis the following services:

  • Free healthy produce and meat supplied by the Houston Food Bank and /or the Bethel’s Heavenly Hands
  • Free resource information supplied by various community service vendors

It is our goal to demonstrate the love of God by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our community (external and internal to the church) as a means to facilitate in the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior.  We want people to see Jesus Christ in action, to help them grow in their love for Him, and to realize that God is helping them through His church.  


The purpose of the Prison Ministry is to successfully enhance offender reintegration into the Third Ward and surrounding communities by providing services to the offenders that encourage spiritual growth and reduce recidivism through in-prison seminars and jail ministry; aftercare programs; and counseling, referral, and supportive services.



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Global Learning Village Elementary School is a charted school dedicated to the vision of a multicultural education in one centralized learning environment. The variety of teachings the program features is targeted to a diversified ethnic backgrounds and languages and generally thought to the rest of the students so pupil gets exposed to the diverse cultures as a learning experience and future adaptation to different ethnic worlds beyond its own.


The The Global Learning VillageCharter High School is a school that is committed to changing lives of students from the 9th grade to the 12th grade.


Barbara Jordan International Pre-School offers early child education and premium care to children ages infants to Pre-K. This caring system offers a full online monitor system for the parents to oversee their child care and their care providers for a well needed feeling of contact and peace of mind.​​​​