Hope for Families and The Good Hope Church has joined forces with our community partners Harris Health System and The City of Houston to present our Annual Prostate Cancer Screening event on Saturday, September 28th from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM at the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church.

Prostate Cancer is a silent killer that has no early symptoms and disproportionately affects African American men more than other racial and ethnic groups.They are three times more likely to contract the disease and six times more likely to die from the disease than some other ethnic groups in the U.S.

ALL African American men are considered in the high risk category and are encouraged to begin testing as early as forty (40) years of age, especially if the man has had a first degree relative diagnosed with prostate cancer.

We are offering a FREE PSA Blood Test AND a path to treatment for those under and uninsured.  Sign-up today and come get tested!

To register, click the button below or download/open our ‘I Am Hope’ mobile app.