On November 1st, Rev Mark & Sis Marchelle Slone will be traveling on a missions trip to Uganda. Rev Slone has been invited back to teach a couple of classes at Western Uganda Baptist Theological College, in Kiburara, namely Church Administration and Pastoral Counseling. He will be sharing based on my practical ministry and seminary experiences, with about 20 students, who are passionate about serving God and being the best pastors, preacher, leaders that God has called them to be.  Our sovereign God has blessed them both with this opportunity to play a small part in this endeavor. While Rev Slone is in the classroom, Marchelle will have the opportunity to love on the wives and children, of these students.

After their time at the college, they will be leading pastors and church leader training sessions, in Kasese Town and Bweyale. Marchelle will work with the women leaders and Rev Slone the pastors and men leaders.

Here’s how you can support!

  1.  Join our Prayer Team, praying with and for us, for our preparation, safe travels, physical and spiritual strength, and ministry impact.
  2. Support us financially (in any amount) to help with our expenses and to be a blessing to our Ugandan brothers and sisters. Our target is to raise $7,000, by October 27th. To support us, use the follow the button to give online, through our church, using the Fund option, “Uganda 2019 Missions Trip.”

They both thank you in advance for your support, as they endeavor to Take hope to the world, make disciples of all nations. Stay tuned for update posts, regarding their missions trip.