By: Melanie Quinton

IB: God


I am grateful for this very day,

I pray that I walk in the Lord’s way.

I pray to be lead down the path that leads to life,

I pray to be a good, loving, and caring wife.

I pray that each person will change their wicked ways,

For we are entering into the last days.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good,

He loves each of us like any good father would.

Do not get caught up in the bustle of this season,

Always remember Jesus is the reason.

Slow down and count your blessings,

Appreciate all the fixings and all the dressings.

Stay the course this time of year,

Always remember to hold your loved ones near.

Do things that you enjoy,

Go out and be that girl or boy!

What is one thing you can do?

To show the love of God; He will be proud of you!

Have a blessed day! IB God 11-8-23

Melanie Quinton

Prayer Warrior/Devotional Writer