My Mother

By: Melanie Quinton

IB God: 11-11-23

My mother was like no other,

She loved everyone like it was no bother.

She embraced each and everyone’s differences,

No matter what the grievances.

She provided love for her three adult children,

Even if she didn’t know you; you were considered kin.

She loved her husband all of her life;

She enjoyed being married for 32 years; and living as his wife.

Her passing came as a tidal wave,

I am so blessed to know she is safe.

She went home to be with the Lord yesterday night,

She was ready to let go of the fight.

She had many ailments that slowed her down,

But none too big to deny the crown.

She knew the Lord with a childlike faith,

Showing others how to love and treat each other on the right path.

We will miss her smile, her laugh, and her silly talk.

She is now in a body that is able to fully walk.

Rest in heaven “mother goose”

Resting on Jesus we have nothing to lose!

One of her favorite hymns was:

Blessed Assurance that I will now sing.

Melanie Quinton

Prayer Warrior/Devotional Writer