7 days Until Christmas

By: © Melanie Quinton

IB: God

Date: 12-18-23

Only 7 days until Christmas,

Hustling and Bustling to take care of Christmas wishes.

Some people are missing loved ones this season.

Let’s lean into Jesus for he is the reason.

Checking those lists not once but twice,

Trying to see who is naughty or nice.

Decking the halls with mistletoe and holly,

Trying our best to remain joyful and jolly.

Take time today to take care of yourselves,

How else can we help like Santa’s Elves?

Go be the light in someone’s darkness,

Spreading love, laughter, and kindness.

For we never will know of the impact that we have shown,

Until we are gone and by the throne!

Have a blessed day! IB God 12-18-23

Melanie Quinton

Prayer Warrior/Devotional Writer