“His destiny was the cross…His purpose was love…His reason was you. May the blessings of your day be wonderful reminders of all Jesus has given.” December 24May the Lord bless you this day and always! May His love cover you from your heads to your toes! May you feel the warm embrace of everything He has done for each of you! May you embrace your families through this glorious time! May you learn to let go; and let God have control! May you walk through this day and forever with hope in your hearts; for better days are ahead! May the Lord shower you with blessings that can’t be contained. May you always remember where you have been; and where the Lord is taking you! May you grow in spiritual growth; and lean into His bosom! May you take time out of the hustle and bustle; and spend time with Jesus. Because He truly is the reason for this season. May the Lord reign His favor down over you. May each memory of your loved ones; offer peace, love, hope, and joy! May you find true happiness in serving the Lord and others. May this time you have everything you have needed. May you have some rest in the Lord’s presence. Have a blessed day; slow down and breathe! Embrace the joy of this day; and the joy of those loved ones! Lord, give everyone the answers they seek. In Jesus Name Amen. IB God 12-24-23 Only 1 day until Christmas. Carry Christmas in your hearts all year long!!! May Christmas miracles find you and yours!Melanie QuintonPrayer Warrior/Devotional Writer