The Women of Hope is a ministry of the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church that focuses on meeting the unique spiritual, emotional, and social needs of women from all generations. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment where women can grow in their faith, build meaningful relationships with Christ and with each other, and address the various challenges they face in their day to day living.

At the heart of our ministry is Women Discipling Women (WDW), a strategy dedicated to helping women experience the culture of our church by equipping, empowering and encouraging women to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

We provide a space where women can build authentic connections, provide mentorship in issues women face, address topics that resonate with women, and most importantly, give women the opportunity to both be discipled and make disciples of women who need and know Jesus Christ.

Women of Hope is committed to helping women grow spiritually, identify and conquer their strongholds, embrace their identities in Christ, and play a significant role in building the kingdom of Jesus Christ in the world through His church, the people of God. My husband, Dr. D. Z. Cofield, believes that women’s ministry should focus on discipleship and community outreach and fully supports our efforts to shift from traditional models of having church to helping women be the church by having a more robust experience of growing in Christ, reaching others for Jesus and sharing God’s love with the world.

I believe women can help each other grow best in the context of relationships. We have amazing women right here in our church. Our practicing Christian virtues with one another will make us stronger individually and collectively.

The Women of Hope will host events that empower women from every generation and every walk of life, helping them to grow spiritually and to connect with other women, so that each woman will discover and fulfill their purpose in life.

We are inviting all women interested in becoming a part of the Women of Hope to register below. We will be in contact with you in the coming weeks.

Star of Hope Women’s Center
“Women of Hope Glo Up”

2575 Reed Road Houston, TX 77051
Saturday, May 18, 2024
10:00am – 2:00pm

We look forward to seeing all of you at our “Women of Hope Glo Up” event on May 18th at the Star of Hope Women’s Center from 10:00 am — 1:00 pm. The moms of the Star of Hope will be pampered with gifts, self-help practices, beauty tips and discipleship. Collaboration between Star of Hope and Good Hope MBC. Take care of yourselves and trust God. You matter!